Raised on the mean streets of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, a nation plagued by violence, poverty and corruption, QuietGunz (Q.G.) continuously used music as shelter to escape the harsh reality of his surroundings. Rap music was first introduced to him from the mix tapes and CDs his cousins brought back from the States. It wasn’t long after that Q.G. and his family immigrated to the US and found themselves living in NYC. They settled in Spring Valley, about 20 miles north of Manhattan. Grateful for this new beginning and inspiring nation, Q.G. became a US

Marine and served our country for eight years. The name QuietGunz was earned in NYC, because despite his laid back character, he proved his ability to murder tracks, rock shows and dominate cyphers. Q.G. is now an avid rapper and producer, implementing the lessons he learned in service in the studio and on stage and determined for his music to make a difference.

Q.G. sums up his philosophy and purpose as a rapper, “Rap music started out as a voice for the oppressed. As long as the struggle continues to exist, the music will remain. Lyricism is becoming a lost art. My mission is to preserve
that art. Welcome aboard!"


Using a military approach that embodies his stage name, and a do-it-all-yourself attitude, Q.G. redefines the true meaning of an independent artist. His most recently released single, “Stay Alive,” has been dubbed as a military
theme song. The song was co-produced, and features a beat created by, the legendary Heat Makerz. Most notably known for their work with Dipset, Juelz Santana, Cam’ron and Ghostface Killa, Heat Makerz welcomed the
opportunity to add Q.G. to their roster of collaborations with talented artists.

At the early stages of his career, his first order of business was to put out his self-produced, self-designed promo project "QuietGunz: Silent but Deadly.” It wasn’t long before his next single “What I Carry (2Gunz)” was picked up
by To The Fallen Records (TTFR), an indie label who focuses on promoting military musicians, and feature it on their hip hop compilation album entitled, "Hip Hop Vol. 2,” which is currently distributed through Universal Music Group/Fontana. In addition to this success, Q.G. managed to independently secure shows, tours and distribution deals with over 30 digital retailers worldwide, including iTunes, Amazon and Rhapsody.


Growing up, Q.G. was influenced by Racine, a traditional Haitian music with strong African roots, and began learning rhyming patterns by mimicking Reggae artists in the early 90's, such as Shabba Ranks, Buju Banton and Bounty Killer. A big fan of AZ, Kool G Rap, Rakim, Mos Def, Wyclef and Black Thought, Q.G. makes it a point to carry the traditions of all the great lyricists that have come before him. A firm believer of the phrase quality over quantity, his seven track project didn't take long to earn him respect and praise for his wordplay and musical

The combination of his musical inspirations, along with his experiences in the US Marines, is the true fuel behind this machine. He is determined to weave his military background into all that he does

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